Crystal Wedding is a team of real professionals.
Only this team will make a real holiday for you and will make all your dreams come true!
How did it all start?

It all started from 2 loving hearts: me - Ekaterina Koshman and my husband - Ilya Koshman.
We met in Prague and, how it usually happens, fell in love from the first sight without even realizing it.
We were dating for 2 years and, finally, decided to move in, exactly at this time I started to work on wedding organizations.
That time my husband was working on confectionary, was making wedding cakes and also had a direct bearing on the weddings, understood some details of my work and supported me all the way long.

We both realized - it's our destiny - to create new families, be a part of other's happiness.
Our lovely business was born in love and we treat each wedding with our heart and soul for already 5 years.
We are great team, we don't need words to understand each other, that's why all weddings we create are held smoothly and well-organized. 

If there is the love - there will be a kindness, good mood and happiness of course!
At this moment our team grew up and we also have our managers - real wizards!